Health Insurance for International Students

Since 1982, UNT has required all international students to have medical insurance.  Consequently, all international students are automatically assessed for the UNT-offered health plan each semester at registration (see Explanation of Fees). Brochures outlining coverage can be obtained at the UNT Student Health and Wellness Center.

When students who have the UNT offered plan are seen by a medical provider in the SHWC, the deductible is waived and claims are processed internally. For other health plans, the SHWC expects payment at the time of service and these students must process claims with their appropriate insurance carriers for reimbursement.

Currently there are only very limited instances when a student may receive a waiver from the UNT-offered health care plan.  This is decided by the UNT Student Health and Wellness Center.

Please see Medical Insurance for International Students on the SHWC website for further information about health insurance, insurance waivers, and other frequently asked questions (FAQ).