I-20 Reprint Request for Newly Admitted International Students

Are you a newly-admitted UNT or IELI student? The form below is only for NEW international students admitted to UNT or IELI, who have not yet begun their programs. CURRENT international or IELI students should use this form to request an I-20 reprint.

If you are a NEW international or IELI student whose I-20 has already been issued and you decide that you need a reprint, please fill out the form below to request a reprint of your I-20. Please allow at least 2 days for processing and contact either International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at I20@unt.edu, or IELI Admissions Advisor at ieli@unt.edu for all mailing questions.

If your reason chosen above is “Other,” or “Error on I-20,” you must enter a description in the box below or your request will NOT be processed
I-20 will be printed the next business day upon receipt of this form.
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