J-1 Exchange Visitor: Research or Short Term Scholar, Professor

The University of North Texas has been designated by Department of State to operate a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program to bring scholars here in the categories of Researcher, Professor, and Short Term.

The Scholar Program allows international faculty, post-doctoral researchers, scientists, and other professionals to spend time at the University of North Texas participating in such activities as research, lecturing, observing, consulting, and teaching. 

Exchange visitors can be invited for a period of 1 day - 6 months for Short-Term Scholars and 3 weeks - 5 years for Research Scholars/Professors.  Please note that a J-1 visa is not an appropriate fit for permanent or tenure-track positions.

If you are a J-1 Scholar, please see our Scholars page for important information.

Requesting Documents for a J-1 Exchange Visitor
Departments should first review the instructions and requirements document below. Then submit a completed DS-2019 Request Form with all required materials (all supporting documentation MUST be in English) to the J-1 Advisor at jinfo@unt.edu.


DS-2019 Request Form

Requirements for the J-1 Visa

Funding Requirements
Proof of financial support is required. Proof of financial support should be submitted with the DS-2019 Request Form.
The financial monthly requirements are listed below. The financial support proof submitted must cover the costs for the duration of their program.

  • $1,300/month for the Scholar
  • $420/month for the J-2 Spouse
  • $420/month per J-2 Child

Proof of Financial Support Documents:
Documents must be in English, or we must have the original language version plus a certified/stamped English translation.  A notarized version is not permitted.
Documents must bear a signature, official seal, or be on letterhead from an official agency.
Documents must state available account type and account balance - they MUST be currently accessible liquid funds.
Documents must be DATED and be less than twelve (12) months old.
Statement must include the account holder’s name, date, account type, account balance and currency type.
If the statement is a web printout, it must include the web link/URL.
If using home country employment, the letter from the employer must be on employer/business letterhead, identify the amount of pay, whether it is weekly, monthly, annually, etc.; and specify if the scholar will continue to be paid during his/her J-1 visit.

Insurance Requirement
J-1 and J-2 Exchange Visitors are required by the Department of State to maintain sufficient insurance coverage throughout the duration of their J program. 
Proof of Health Insurance is required for J-1s and J-2s upon arrival of the J-1. Documents must be in English.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Medical Benefits: At least $100,000 per accident or illness
  • Repatriation of Remains: At least $25,000
  • Medical Evacuation (to home country): At least $50,000
  • Deductible: $500 or less per accident or illness