Can an F-1 student work off campus?
Not without immigration permission.

I have a job offer. Can I work off campus without enrolling in a course?
If you have graduated and have Optional Practical Training (OPT) permission, you work without being in school.

If you have not graduated, you will need to be registered. Please see the Employment and CPT sections, and talk to an international student advisor.

Does an F-1 student need special permission to work on campus?
An F-1 student in valid status does not need any special permission from immigration to work on campus.

How many hours can an F-1 student work on campus?
20 hours per week when enrolled. The 20 hours is calculated per week. It is not an average over time. A "little bit over" 20 hours is illegal employment.

An F-1 student may work up to full time during winter break and summer vacation periods- this does not include Spring Break, where you are limited to working 20 hours. If you are enrolled during summer, you can only work 20 hours per week during that time.

Can I work on campus before immigration approves my change of status to F-1?
No, unless you have some other type of valid work permission that allows you to work on campus.