Transfer To UNT

Transfer In to UNT
Make arrangements with your present professor, the new professor at UNT. The new professor at UNT will need to contact International Advising to request the transfer DS-2019. International Advising will contact the J-1 Responsible Officer at your present school to make arrangements for the transfer of the SEVIS file. Because of the way SEVIS works, the file will be transferred the day after you end at your present school. You will begin at UNT the day after you end at your present school. It is only then at UNT can produce your new DS-2019.

When you are in a J-1 program, you must remain in the same area of research or teaching. You must also remain in the same category, for example, a student will remain a student, a research scholar will remain a research scholar.

Transfer From UNT
We hope that you enjoy your experience at the University of North Texas, and that your research and teaching will be successful and rewarding. However, if your academics take you elsewhere, it may be possible to transfer your J program to a new school.

If you transfer, you must remain in the same category and the same field of research/teaching.  You must discuss the move with the professor you are working with to arrange the end of your research or teaching here.

Complete the J-1 Scholar Transfer Out Form and then email the completed form to jinfo@unt.eduWe cannot transfer your record from the University of North Texas until this transfer out form is completed and returned.

You will end your stay at UNT one day, and begin at the new school the next day. The new DS-2019 can only be produced the first day the SEVIS record is at the new school.

Please consult our office if you are planning on transferring.