U.S. & Turkey Resume Nonimmigrant Visa Services

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On December 29th, 2017, the United States announced that their embassies in Turkey will resume normal visa issuance and lift all restrictions immediately. Please note, there may still be delays in processing times as the embassies work to clear backlogs of applications.
Announcement from November 6, 2017:
On November 6th, 2017, the U.S. embassy in Turkey announced that it will resume non-immigrant visas on a limited basis. This announcement means visa appointments will be available but at a reduced amount compared to prior previously available appointments.  

ISSS recommends delaying travel outside the United States if you need to apply for or renew your non-immigrant visa stamp in Turkey until the U.S. embassy resumes its regular visa issuance, if possible. You can read more on the NAFSA website here
Announcement from October 9, 2017:
On October 9th, the U.S. government suspended nonimmigrant visa processing at its posts in Turkey. This suspension is unrelated to the recent Presidential Proclamation regarding the ban of entry from 8 counties. If you are a Turkish citizen or someone entering the U.S. from Turkey with a currently valid visa, this suspension will not impact you. If you are currently in Turkey and in need of a nonimmigrant visa to enter the U.S., you may still apply for a visa at an embassy or consulate outside of Turkey. This suspension on visa processing is not a ban of visa issuance to Turkish citizens, only a suspension of visa issuance in Turkey. If you would like more information regarding this suspension, please see the NAFSA website here