Cesar Valdes, Colombia

My name is Cesar Valdes and I am from Cali, Colombia.  

Although I did not graduate from IELI, I did complete one level and was prepared enough to pass the TOEFL test soon after.

I then started my undergraduate studies at UNT. I have studied and worked at UNT and I will be graduating next semester.  

At IELI, I was introduced to the higher education system and was able to learn with all the other students side by side. The classes were very useful; I learned to write, speak, and even take notes in a more practical way. My brother went to UNT and that’s what opened the doors for me. The environment at UNT is great for learning, especially the Radio, Television, and Film program.  

IELI is great for international students. It provides a great environment to make connections with people from all over the world, and gives them the English skills and practice necessary to succeed in a higher education institution such as UNT.    My advice to students who want to study at a U.S. university would be to understanding that it is a process. We are all learning and as we get better we understand more and more until we rarely make any mistakes.