Kan Wu, China

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Kan “Howard” Wu and I am from China.

What have you done since your IELI graduation?
After graduating from IELI, I enrolled at UNT to earn my MBA. I graduated from the University of North Texas and now have a job in Dallas, Texas.

Why did you choose to study at UNT? What did you major in?
I chose UNT because it is an excellent university with a great quality of education and fair tuition. My major was in Business Administration.

What did you like most about IELI? About UNT?
Everyone at IELI is so nice and helpful to the students, and the professors in UNT are knowledgeable.

How did IELI help you meet your goals?
IELI helped me get used to the English language and American environment in short period of time, which prepared me well for college life and helped me be ready for the challenges of studying in college.

What helped you gain confidence in your use of English?
The speaking class helped me open my mouth to use English. Also, making native friends and hanging out with them helped me as well.

What’s your advice to students who want to study at a U.S. University?
I suggest students who plan to study in the U.S. do some research before they come here so they will have a brief understanding of the life they are going to choose. After arriving in the U.S., I encourage them to go out of their comfort zone. "Step out, speak out, and hang out" is the best way to get involved.