Maria Luisa del Real, Mexico

What is your name and where are you from? 
My name is Maria Luisa del Real and I am from México.

What have you done since you finished studying at IELI? 
I am studying at UNT as an undergraduate.

Why did you choose to study at UNT?
Because it is close to home and I found the major I needed.

What are you majoring in?

What did you like most about IELI? About UNT?
At IELI, the staff, teachers and personnel all very well prepared and easy to get along with. I like everything about UNT.

How did IELI help you meet your goals?
They gave me tools to succeed in my classes; it was a very smooth transition to my UNT classes.

What helped you gain confidence in your use of English?
The daily practice in class.

What’s your advice to students who want to study at a U.S. University?
I would advise them to take the chance seriously to learn not just a language but a whole different culture. Joining a language institute is a chance to have guidance about everything you’ll need. Take advantage of the experience to have teachers that will understand and guide you, and many friends from all over the world sharing the same experience.