Nanami Konzo, Japan

Why did you choose to study at IELI?
I heard that IELI's program is one of the best English education programs in the U.S. Also, I chose IELI because there are many students from many other countries at UNT.  

What is it that you like most about IELI? About UNT?  
I could say a lot, but the best part are the teachers. They are so skilled and have a great sense of humor. I love them!

What has helped you gain confidence in your use of English?
I think most American people, especially people in Texas, are so friendly. They don't expect us to speak perfect English.
These things always help me be more relaxed when I study English.  

What are your plans after you graduate from IELI?  
First of all, I will graduate from my Japanese university. Then, I want to become a translator of children’s picture books.

What is your advice to students who want to study abroad in the U.S.?
I think you can study English even if you don't study abroad and are staying in your home country. However, you will be able to learn a lot of important things from many people from all over the world in the U.S. For example, you will learn how people from different countries have different ideas, and how important it is to meet and talk with them in real life. You can learn a lot in your own country, but by coming to the U.S., you can also improve your knowledge of other cultures.