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ONCAMPUS Texas is a newly created college entry pathway program between University of North Texas and Cambridge Education Group of England. At the UNT campus, ONCAMPUS Texas provides value-added education to first year international students seeking to complete undergraduate degrees in the United States. 

Program Benefits
The transition to college-level study is challenging for most students. This is especially true for international students who also have to adjust to a different culture, a different language, and different education system. Cambridge Education Group programs have been helbrochure thumbnailping international students succeed in their university goals for more than 60 years. Our vast experience in educating students from all over the world has led to the refined and detailed ONCAMPUS Texas program which includes:

  • A supportive environment that helps students acclimate quickly
  • Instruction that builds academic skills (researching, using the library, making presentations)
  • Ongoing instruction to build English language proficiency for general academics
  • Ongoing instruction to build English language proficiency specific to a chosen path of study
  • Ability to earn the same 30 college credits typical of any first year student

Students who successfully complete the ONCAMPUS Texas program are guaranteed progression into year 2 at University of North Texas.
Year 2 progression does not guarantee student will get in to their desired major, just that they are guaranteed entry as a full student for year 2.

Entry Requirements
English requirements:
A minimum level of English equivalent to 55 TOEFL iBT or IELTS 5.0
Academic Requirements by country

How to Apply
Complete the online application form or
Fill in and download the editable application form
and submit your application by email to: admissions@oncampus.global
More information on the application process