Sakinah Almuallim, Saudi Arabia

"Being part of the Mean Green family means you have the freedom to soar and the comfort of home. It means an education that is exceptional in quality and unique in its unlimited opportunities,”  Sakina Almuallim, 2014 IELI alumna from Saudia Arabia 

What is your name and where are you from?
I am Sakinah Almuallim and I am from Saudi Arabia, specifically the Eastern Region, Qatif. Qatif, it is an oasis city, Qatif is the center of one of the most important fishing and agricultural areas in the north-eastern Kingdom. Its inhabitants are mainly fishermen, farmers, businessmen and government employees. I pursued my bachelor degree in Saudi Arabia majoring in Health Information Management and Technology. I enjoy community service and volunteer work. I have a passion for health services research to improve health quality and outcomes. With my background and knowledge of public health, my goal is to use a multi method approach to research and improve utilization of results. In the meantime, I enjoy gaining new skills and learning about the ever changing health care system and am proud of what I have accomplished in Saudi Aramco Medical Services where I won the third place of the competition “A Safe Community is A Productive Community.”  

What have you done since your IELI graduation?
I graduated from IELI’s mini summer class in 2014, and I was so exited to be able to start my master’s degree at the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth. I started earning my Master of Public Health in Fall 2014, concentrating in Health Management and Policy.  

What did you like most about IELI? About UNT?
IELI prepared me not only for the university, but also to accommodate with the culture in the US. I strongly recommend students to take advantage of events, trips and other activities that IELI offers. They are creative ways to help you get involved with the community, the culture, and life in the US. You will absolutely have a good time, meet new people and make friends for life. UNT offers many clubs and organizations that encompass a wide variety of activities. Many students join a club to meet other students who share their interests or their professions. I enjoyed being part of the Public Health Association at the University. It helped me share ideas, benefit from others’ experiences, and be involved in public health activities.