Tsogbat Manj, Mongolia

Meet Tsogbat “Tommy” Manj. He is an IELI alumnus who took on the challenge of learning a second language in a foreign country.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Tsogbat Manj, but my friends call me Tommy which is very easy to pronounce. I am from Mongolia.   

What have you done since your IELI graduation?
I have done many things. I have applied to several universities, including UNT, had a summer internship in my country, which was an airport project that is related to my major, and got a high enough scores on both the IELTS and GRE.  

Why did you choose to study at UNT? What did you major in?
The reason why I attended UNT was because there weren't too many Mongolian students which meant that I wasn’t able to use my native language. Because of that, I could improve my communication skills very quickly.  

What did you like most about IELI? About UNT?
IELI offers a very intensive language program which includes out-of-class activities that help students not only developed their English language skills, but also discover more about American culture. I am so glad that I had good friends in IELI. In addition, the UNT campus is very safe and the living cost is pretty cheap, compared to other states.  

How did IELI help you meet your goals?
I got my language skills from IELI and was accepted to the University of Texas-Austin when I passed their language requirement. Also, IELI has a lot of international students from different countries which gave me opportunities to know and understand their different cultures. I am now using that knowledge in order to make many more friends in Austin.  

What helped you gain confidence in your use of English?
I would say the people in Denton. They are very nice and polite and always ready to help me. Even though my English wasn't good, they have always corrected my mistakes.  

What’s your advice to students who want to study at a U.S. university?
Don’t stay home alone. Hang out and make new friends!