Students in the Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) are encouraged to participate in the Conversation Partners Program. This program helps international students practice their English skills and learn about the American culture. Students discover this is a great way to make an American friend! Interested in joining? Click here

Volunteers engage individual IELI students, or small groups(up to 3) in discussions so that they gain practice in speaking English. These groups meet once a week throughout the IELI term. This is not a tutoring program, but volunteers help students discuss and learn about each other’s cultures. The meetings can take place on campus, in group outings, or anywhere, at any convenient time. Volunteers discover this is a great way to make international friends!

Volunteers do not need to have foreign language abilities. IELI provides a short training session for new volunteers.
We look for volunteers who are:

  • native English speakers
  • culturally sensitive
  • comfortable leading group conversations
  • able to meet weekly (and send reminder emails/texts to group)

Interested in joining? Click here