Yun Lung, Taiwan

The Intensive English Language Institute at the University of North Texas is the best English program for you. The detailed curriculum and the patient instructors provides students an excellent environment. The skills I learned at IELI have helped me a lot in my studies and research in my Master's program.

The advantages of IELI cannot be portrayed in just a couple of sentences; you can only understand how good it is if you join this family. 

Major: MA - Geography

  Qizheng, China


Since I started my classes in IELI, the lab has given me a lot of help. Students can get any English materials they want here. They can review their class content, prepare for their tests, and even find some English fun by checking out free DVDs.

IELI is a good place to learn English as long as you try.

  Jiaojiao, China



I studied at IELI for 10 months, and I loved it very much. All of the teachers were nice and patient, and I enjoyed every minute. The most important thing that helped me graduate successfully was the IELI lab. The listening and reading materials were really helpful. Honestly, studying in IELI helped me improve my listening, speaking, reading and writing a lot.

IELI provides lots of activities that give you a great opportunity to have fun and practice English. 

Major: MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  Erika, Mexico


I started in Level 0 Writing and Level 1 Communication. All my teachers are excellent in their job. I am very happy because I am learning through their teaching.

This school has an excellent team. Thanks everyone!

  Naif, Saudi Arabia



2005 was the year when I entered the States full of confidence about myself.

However, seeing a different culture made me feel homesick. Once the school started at IELI, the teachers made it easier for me to adapt to the lifestyle. All of the teachers smile at the students and help them in every way they can.

What I have taken from IELI is the good times that I had and the knowledge that I have gained. 

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

  Bich Nguyen Ngoc, Viet Nam


UNT is one of the largest public universities in the state of Texas. The IELI program especially helps international students get used to the college environment before entering their majors.

I like the Mean Green spirit at UNT. 

Major: Hospitality Management

  Meng-Jung, Taiwan


For a graduate student, academic writing and presentation skills are required. I truly appreciate IELI because it provided me with a great class, Graduate Preparation Course (GPC), and enhanced my English skills. GPC classes differ from IELI regular classes. GPC students have to find academic journals which are related to our personal field, turn in papers, and present them to other classmates and IELI academic administrators.

During the GPC class, we have a strong friendship among GPC classmates which might not be easy to find again. I thank GPC for giving me enough knowledge to survive and be successful in the academic life.

Major: MBA - Finance

  Tugrul, Turkey


The University of North Texas is one of the biggest public universities in Texas, and the Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) is one of the integral parts that has increased UNT's exposure around the world.

At IELI, international students not only learn academic English very well, but also they start experiencing a typical American college life. It is an opportunity to make lots of friends.
As a former IELI student and a current IELI student assistant, I have always been proud to be a part of IELI.

Major: Finance

  Xiao “Fanny”, China

The Intensive English Language Institute is an ideal English learning program for international students. The high quality of the academic system and the knowledgeable instructors are the major factors that make IELI one of the best English learning institutes nation-wide.

IELI not only taught me useful language skills, but also it helped me with acclimation. There are many and various opportunities and activities provided to help students learn different cultures and adjust well to American life.

It's been life changing, and I truly appreciate the education from IELI.

Major: Finance, BBA

  Manissa, Thailand


Graduating from Graduated Preparation Course (GPC) has made my life a lot easier in graduate school in the USA. Not only presentation skills but also academic writing skills and analytical skills are adequately taught in GPC. The anxiety and the difficulty in my MBA classes, as a result, have been reduced. It was worth it to spend my time and money in this intensive English class before I started my first semester at UNT.

IELI instructors and staff members are professional. They are willing to help every international student at IELI to be ready for their future. IELI is incredible.

Making friends, learning different cultures, improving English skills, and preparing for university-level classes in the USA are what every student will obtain from IELI.

Major: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  Buncha, Thailand


Before I came to the US, I had never spoken English in daily life except in English class in school about 20 years ago. I started in Level 2 Writing and Level 3 Communication, and I studied in IELI from Spring I 2007 to Spring I 2008. Now, I'm a full time Ph.D. student at UNT. I'm also working a part time job in the IELI Computer Lab as a lab assistant. I think I couldn't have studied at UNT or in the USA without studying at IELI first.

Studying English is very hard, but as international students, we have to do it! I would suggest to IELI students that they manage their time not only for studying in class and doing homework but also for relaxing, having fun, and hanging out with friends sometimes. When IELI students have troubles, my advice is "Go talk to your teacher!"

Major: Ph.D. CECS (Educational Computing)

  Mustafa, Saudi Arabia


Being a student at IELI was amazing. It was a very rich experience that improved my English and put me on the track to success in my graduate study.

I was taught by very good and talented instructors who made the language fun to study and who have become friends of mine. IELI has helped me to improve all of my English skills. Nowadays, people in my university and in the city that I live in find it hard to believe that I was not born in the States because of the way I speak, talk, and write. Thanks IELI and thanks to all the wonderful staff. 

Major: MA Engineering Management