At the Intensive English Langage Institute, we provide students with a quality education at a reasonable price. Students pay less at IELI than they would at many other language schools in the United States. Tuition and fees cover more than just the cost of the program. We value our students and want them to enjoy their learning experience without constantly paying additional fees. Tuition and fees are paid in full during the first day of New Student Orientation and Registration. 

Application Fee
Students must pay a $75 fee when submitting their documents for application (see the Payment Methods section). This application fee is non-refundable.



Number of weeks

Hours per week

IELI Tuition and fees


UNT fees

Health insurance

Total cost per
8-week term

Spring I 2017
Spring II 2017
Summer 2017


20 - 23









- New Student Orientation
- 20-23 hours of class/week
- Instructors’ office hours
- Academic advising
- Cultural & social activities
​- Conversation partners

All course textbooks and materials 

- ID as UNT student
- UNT email
- Technology fee
- Access to all UNT services and facilities

Mandatory for all UNT students


Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice

Estimated cost of living on campus:
UNT provides a variety of housing and meal options on campus. There are many other apartments, houses, and dining options located within walking distance from the campus.
Rates based on double rooms:


Economy Halls

Standard Halls

Newer Halls

9-month academic year (4 IELI terms)

From $4,630

From $5,280

From $5,520

One semester (2 IELI terms)*

From $2,315

From $2,640

From $2,785

*Note: The option to stay on campus for one semester is only available in the Fall semester. There are other housing options in Denton year round.

On-campus Housing
Off-campus Housing
Meal plans


Breakfast, lunch and dinner
7 days/week 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner 
5 days/week

9-month academic year (4 IELI terms)



One semester (2 IELI terms)



Amount of US$ from financial documents required to issue student I-20:
   - For one academic year (5 IELI terms):  $25,380
   - For one semester (Fall I and II; or Spring I and II; or Spring II and Summer): $12,690

Payment Methods
Students must pay the full tuition during registration or during new student orientation. The Intensive English Language Institute accepts payments by:
   - Cash
   Cashier’s check
   Credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA)
   Money order
   Traveler’s check