The Pre-Business Program is for Intensive English Language Institute students who plan to study Business at the graduate level.

Students participating in this program will:

  • Get a letter of conditional admission to an MBA or MS in Business offered by UNT’s College of Business.
  • Develop oral and written English and academic skills to be ready for graduate-level academic courses at UNT.
  • Improve their knowledge of English related to business fields.
  • Become familiar with oral and written assignments commonly used in the College of Business.
  • Take one or two pre-graduate courses follow the recommendation of the College of Business graduate academic advisor if they are enrolled in the 16-week program

Students can either enroll in an 8-week or 16-week program.

16-week program

Students are in class at IELI 13 hours per week and enroll in up to 2 pre-graduate classes in Business with other UNT students. They start earning credit courses in Business and are awarded official transcripts.

  • IELI Communication Level 6 (10 hours/week; the first 8 weeks of the semester)
  • IELI Writing Level6 (10 hours/week; the last 8 weeks of the semester)
  • IELI Support for Business Majors (3 hours/week; 8 weeks)
  • 1 or 2 Business pre-graduate courses. Students will meet with a graduate advisor to decide with class(es) to take.

8-week program

Students are in class 23 hours per week. They will take the following courses:

  • IELI Communication Level 6 (10 hours/week; 8 weeks)
  • IELI Writing Level 6 (10 hours/week; 8 weeks)
  • IELI English for Business (3 hours/week; 8 weeks)

 The Pre-Business Program is offered 5 times a year.

  • The 8-week program has three start dates: March, June, and October.
  • The 16-week program has two start dates: August and January.

Please see our admissions website for more information about application dates.

There are two main requirements to qualify for this program:

  • Students must meet the admission requirements for UNT’s MBA or MS. When asked about English proficiency, students should include the last TOEFL or IELTs score that they have.
  • Students must have the required level of English for admission to this program:
    • Complete IELI Level 5 or
    • 65 on TOEFL iBT with minimum section scores of Reading: 15, Listening: 15, Speaking: 18, and Writing:17) or
    • 6.0 on IELTS with minimum section score of 6 on listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections.

Important Note: When a student enrolls in the Pre-Business program all requirements for full admission must be met before beginning MBA or MS coursework.  In addition to completing all requirements of IELI students must:

  • Earn acceptable grades in all pre-business courses attempted.  This would typically be grades above ‘C’ and an overall GPA of at least 3.00.
  • Submit official GMAT Scores with a minimum recommended score of 530.
  • After IELI is completed and GMAT scores are submitted, a second holistic review will be conducted by the College of Business to determine if requirements for full admission have been met.
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