IELI can help organizations to improve curriculum, raise academic standards, and support faculty professional development. Teacher training programs include professional development workshops, class observations, practice teaching, and English instruction when applicable. 

  • Azerbaijan 
    • Partnership with Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan
      • English language instruction, teacher training, and cultural workshops 
  • Chile 
    • High school English teachers attended a teacher training course on best practices and participated in cultural workshops
  • Mexico 
    • The Proyecta 100,000 initiative provides customized training for English teachers who visit IELI for three weeks
  • Russia 
    • USIA-sponsored Excellence in Education Program
  • Thailand 
    • Customized English and academic skills training program
  • Turkey
    • Professional development and support services 
    • Intensive professional development programs on a variety of TESOL topics including classroom management and assessment
    • Faculty members served as on-site teacher trainers for one year.
    • Administrators organized a conference on innovative TESOL best practices and pedagogical issues
    • Eight-week advanced teacher-training program at IELI