All students who choose to leave IELI must contact the IELI Main Office. The IELI Student Handbook also describes how students can get a refund. The following table shows the prorated amount for tuition refunds. These percentages are based on the UNT refund policy.

  8-Week Term 16- Week Semester
3-Week Mini-Term
Pre-Term 100% 100% 100%
Day 1 80% 80% 0%
Days 2-5 70% 70%  
Days 6-7 50% 50%  
Days 8-10 25% 25%  
After Day 10 0% 0%  

If students drop a class, certain fees are not refunded, including:

  • application fees
  • IELI activity fees*
  • book/lab/classroom fees*
  • insurance fees*
  • publication fees*

*Refunds are only possible for the following fees if the student withdraws prior to the beginning of the term: activity, book/lab/classroom, insurance, and publication.

How to Process a Refund
Students who decide to leave IELI must follow these steps to receive a tuition refund. (Students who are dismissed from the program by IELI will not receive a refund.)

  1. Complete the Withdrawal Request Form available in the IELI Main Office.
  2. Meet with the IELI Director.
  3. Provide permission from an advisor in International Student and Scholar Services.

Students who paid their tuition by credit card will receive the credited amount on their credit card. Contact the IELI Main Office for questions about tuition refunds.