H-1B Process Overview

  1. The H-1B Initiation Request Packet must be submitted to ISSS at internationalemployment@unt.edu before processing can begin. All forms must contain original signatures (no electronic signatures). Once the packet is received, ISSS will notify the employee to complete the H-1B Employee Questionnaire and submit all required documents on the H-1B checklist.
  1. After determining the wage offered by the department meets or exceeds the prevailing wage determined by the Department of Labor, ISSS will complete and submit Form ETA 9035, Labor Condition Application (LCA) to the U.S. Department of Labor for certification.
  1. A notice of filing the LCA must be posted simultaneously in two conspicuous locations on or before the date the LCA is filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. The posting locations will be in the hiring department and Human Resources. ISSS will prepare the notices and distribute to the departmental and HR representative for posting for at least 10 business days. After the notices have been posted, they must be returned to ISSS with original signatures.
  1. Regulations require that specific documentation filed in support of an H-1B petition must be available for public inspection within 1 (one) working day of the filing of an application. These files will be maintained in ISSS, Marquis Hall 125.
  1. With the required documents from the department and applicant, we will complete the necessary Form I-129 and send the petition to USCIS for processing.
  1. Once the I-797 Approval Notice is received, ISSS will notify the employee and department. The employee will report to ISSS if they are in the U.S. to obtain the approval notice and go through the H-1B requirements during their time of employment. If the employee is abroad waiting for the approval notice to apply at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate for the H-1B visa stamp, ISSS will work with the department to arrange the shipment of the notice.