Health Insurance for UNT-International Students

Since 1982, UNT has required all international students to have medical insurance. Consequently, all international students are automatically assessed for the UNT -offered health plan each semester at registration. Brochures outlining coverage can be obtained at the UNT Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC )

When students who have the UNT -offered plan are seen by a medical provider in the SHWC , the deductible is waived and claims are processed internally. For other health plans, the SHWC expects payment at the time of service and these students must process claims with their appropriate insurance carriers for reimbursement .

There are only three instances when a student may receive a waiver from the UNT -offered health care plan:

  • An international student has a government sponsored plan
  • An international student has employment insurance, and
  • An international student has coverage obtained through the employment of a parent or relative either in US only.

Students that receive a waiver will be required to show proof of supplementary insurance to cover medical evacuation and repatriation on the same day their waiver is granted.

No other categories will be considered for waiver eligibility. Waiver requests should be submitted to the Executive Director or the Billing Coordinator of the SHWC who will ultimately determine whether the criteria are met. As needed, (s)he will seek guidance from UNT International and/or Risk Management Services.

Any questions should be directed to the SHWC Billing Department, 940-565-2792.

Health Insurance for IELI Students

What to do if you are sick or injured

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