Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign and IRE Students


The Italian Government awards scholarships for studying in Italy. The aim of these scholarships is fostering international cultural cooperation, spreading the Italian language, culture and science knowledge and promoting the economic and technological sectors of Italy all around the world. The scholarships are offered for study/research projects at higher education institutions for the following type of courses: Undergraduate University Courses, Postgraduate University Courses, Master's Degree Courses; Ph.D. Courses; Specialization Schools; Research under academic supervision; Courses of High Education in Art, Music and Dance; Advanced Courses on Italian Language and Culture.

Grant Audience: 
Sunday, May 15, 2016
Award Amount: 
Varies by Program
Academic Discipline: 

-Educational qualifications required by the chosen institution
- Knowledge of Italian Language
- Between 18-35 years of age
- Restrictions: Students enrolled in a year exceeding the legal duration of the course of study (the so-called "fuori corso") are not eligible for scholarships.

Additional eligibility information can be found on the scholarship's website