Study Abroad Photo Contest

The Study Abroad Photo Contest is our annual photo competition designed to encourage critical review of the people, places, and cultures experienced during official UNT study abroad programs. Every fall submissions are judged and winners are selected. Submitted photos are used to promote and increase awareness of study abroad at UNT.

Contest Rules:

  • Student must have participated in a study abroad program registered with the UNT Study Abroad Office during the 2016/2017 academic school year. 
  • Photo submissions must be original work of entrant.
  • Photo submissions must be free of alcohol, cigarettes or any other inappropriate material.
    Photo submissions cannot be manipulated. No Photoshop. No editing.
  • A maximum of three photos (one photo for each category) can be submitted.
  • Photo submissions must be submitted in a common image format (jpg, png, etc.) and a minimum of 1MB (max 10 MB) to ensure photo will print clearly. Winning photos will be printed in 8 x 10 format for display. Do not crop photo submissions.

By submitting photos entrants agree to grant the UNT Study Abroad Office license for use of the submitted photos in print and digitial promotional material. The UNT Study Abroad Office may alter, retouch, or manipulate photos.


  • Eagles Abroad: Submissions should capture students displaying UNT pride (UNT apparel, UNT eagle, UNT claw, flag, UNT Study Abroad Earl the Squirrel, etc.) 
  • Learning from Locals: Submissions should include student(s) learning a local custom of their host country. Examples of activities could include; learning to tango in Argentina, studying Chinese calligraphy or making fresh pasta in Italy.
  • Culture and Identity: Submissions will capture local activity abroad: vendors at a market, participants in a festival, respectful photos of religious or spiritual moments, sporting events, etc.

How to Submit:

  • Use online submission form (link at bottom of page )
  • Deadline September 30.
  • Winners will be announced during International Education Week (November). Prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions in each category.

 Awards TBD 
First Place in each Category
Second Place in each Category
Third Place in each Category 

If you have any questions regarding the photo contest, email

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