Can my F-2 spouse register for just a class or two?
Starting in the Fall 2015, F2 visa holders will be allowed to be part time students at the university.

The cost per term as a part-time F2 student will be $1,907. 

To apply to IELI, you need to

  1. Complete the IELI student application form 
  2. Pay the $75 Application Fee
  3. Provide copies of your passport, stamped F2 visa page and entry stamp, and high school or university transcript  

For more information on the program, call us at 940-565-2003 or

How long can my son or daughter stay on a dependent visa (F-2, J-2, H-4)?
When the dependent turns 21, he or she must apply for his or her own visa status.

Can my F-2 wife (or husband, or child) work?
As long as he/she has F-2 status, he/she cannot work.