Transferring Out of UNT/IELI

Step 1
The school to which you are applying will give you a form, perhaps called a Transfer Clearance Form.  You will give this form to International Student and Scholar Services to complete.
If you are applying to several schools, we can fill out a form for each school.This form does not require that you go to that school.  It does not transfer your SEVIS electronic file to the new school.

Step 2
When you are absolutely, 100% positive which school you will attend, you will fill out an Ending Studies at UNT form in International Student and Scholar Services.  If you are an IELI student, you can only get the “Ending Studies at IELI” form from the Main IELI Office.
International Student and Scholar Services will then transfer the SEVIS electronic file to the new school at the end of the academic term.

Step 3
When the new school has received the electronic file, they can issue the new I-20 for you.  You must obtain an I-20 within 60 days of completing studies at UNT, and you must be enrolled at the new school within 5 months of completing at UNT.

Step 4
If you are traveling outside the U.S. after your completion at UNT, you MUST use the I-20 from the new school to enter the U.S. and attend this school after you enter. 
If there are time constraints, please contact the new school to discuss method of getting the new I-20 to you.
Remember, the first time you enter the U.S. as an F-1 student, the school listed on the visa stamp must match the school on the I-20.  You must attend that school.  When you transfer schools, as long as the visa is valid, the school on the visa stamp does not need to match the school on the transfer I-20.

These instructions are for F-1 students transferring to other U.S. schools.  If you are a J-1 student, please consult an International Advisor.