American Culture and Communication

The American Culture & Communication Program offers participants a unique opportunity to learn English and increase fluency through cultural immersion, social interaction, experiential learning and engagement with the communities of UNT, Denton and Dallas-Fort Worth. Participants meet and network with UNT faculty and students, explore majors and future careers in the U.S. and learn about attending American universities.

Every week we lived a full life with many fun activities and we met many new friends

Program Content

English Classes
  • 16 hours of English classes and interactive workshops held each week from Monday through Thursday.
  • Participants receive individualized attention from highly qualified instructors with years of experience with living, studying, and working abroad.
  • Classes focus on core English skills including grammar, listening, reading, speaking and pronunciation, and writing.
  • Classes are organized by english speaking level.

The classes helped us to improve English (especially speaking) in an easy way...I became more encouraged to speak English instead of just writing.


U.S. Culture & Oral Communication (Required)
Students develop accurate speaking, improve pronunciation, and learn about American idioms.
Students improve their understanding of American culture and values through group discussions and presentations.

Language and Content (Electives)
Students study American culture and improve their English language skills. 
Participants select from the folowing:

  • UNT Scholar – Learn all about UNT while practicing oral communication skills in English during campus tours and field trips.
  • Professional Development – Develop professional skills using English including resume and email writing, interviewing, job searching, and creating e-portfolios.
  • English Through Film – Practice English while improving listening, learning about culture, idioms, and slang, and discussing American TV shows and movies.
  • Presentation Skills – Practice and improve oral communication skills for academic presentations in English.
  • Performing Arts – Practice English and gain confidence through short drama skits and improvisation.​

I loved the culture class very much because of the active teaching style that was original and colorful. We learned a lot about American culture by playing games...that was terrific!

Cultural Activities

Participants enjoy evening activities on campus and around Denton, including sports and games, movie nights and scavenger hunts, conversations with Americans, the Planetarium, and a closing ceremony.

  • Numerous restaurants and shops are within walking distance.
  • Participants have access to UNT’s fabulous Pohl Recreation Center, Willis Library, and computer labs.
  • We also host off-campus cultural excursions on Fridays and on the weekends. 
  • Potential field trips incude Denton Square, downtown Dallas, NorthPark Center Mall, Texas Rangers Ballpark, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Fort Worth Stockyards and Championship Rodeo.

Visiting the American host family was so enjoyable because we could learn about American culture and food. I also enjoyed visiting the JFK mueseum...I loved shopping because American prices are cheaper!

Accommodations and Meals

Participants reside in dormitories on the UNT campus. Meal plan (3 meals a day) provided. Saturday dinners not included.