DEI Council Student Representative Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on the UNT International Affairs Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council!

Volunteer Expectations

While participation in this Council is voluntary it does come with responsibilities and commitments that participants will be expected to adhere to. The following minimum requirements are meant to serve as an indication of the minimum commitment required to participate in the Council.

Volunteers shall:
  • Be able to devote minimum time commitments for the Council and position (outlined in volunteer description)
  • Adhere to the Council description policies and procedures
  • Be willing to listen to and fully consider other opinions or points of view
  • Demonstrate professionalism/teamwork/spirit of cooperation
  • Be able to work with minimal supervision
  • Accept direction from appropriate level of leadership, whether volunteer or staff
  • Adhere to ethical behavior
  • Maintain confidentiality (when appropriate) on the work and work products of the committee
  • Ensure the requisite level of knowledge/expertise to accomplish the assigned tasks or inform the team leader in a timely manner if additional guidance or help will be needed.
Please provide a detailed description of any previous volunteer experience.
Please list any professional memberships, offices, positions, publications, honors or awards
Please describe any international experiences you have had outside of the United States including duration of experience.
Please provide a statement of why you want to volunteer for the International Affairs Diversity and Equity Council.