Departmental Responsibilities

As an Exchange Visitor (EV) host, it is up to the department, faculty or staff member to:

  • Determine department eligibility for EV.
  • Arrange for EV space, ID card, library access and other campus necessities.
  • Gather DS-2019 documentation and upload with request at least 6 weeks prior to start date
  • Ensure EV is aware of health insurance requirements for J-1/J-2s.
  • Mail DS-2019 and original department invitation letter to EV.
  • Arrange for pick-up at airport.
  • Assist EV with finding housing.
  • Provide assistance with other settling in matters.
  • All EVs MUST be in UNT's EIS database. If the EV is unpaid, contact Academic Resources for access. 
  • Notify if the EV is not able to enter the U.S. by the begin date on form DS-2019. SEVIS must be updated to reflect a new entry date.
  • Notify of the arrival of EV and schedule J Orientation. MUST attend J Orientation within 5 business days of DS-2019 start date.
  • If EV will be employed by UNT, take EV to Social Security office to apply for Social Security number.
  • Complete required employment and insurance forms for Payroll and HR.
  • Apply for extension of DS-2019 if EV is authorized and needs to extend stay.  Extension MUST be issued BEFORE the end date of the current DS-2019.
  • Notify of any expected changes to the EV's program at UNT such as changes in Hosting Faculty, location of activities, etc.
  • Notify when EV leaves.
  • Immediately notify of any Exchange Visitor Reportable Incidents.  Example:  EV Death, EV Missing, EV Serious Illness, EV Involved in a Crime, Negative Press Involving Sponsor’s Exchange Program, etc. If you are unsure what constitutes a Reportable Incident, contact our office at 940-565-2195.

Revised February 13, 2020