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IELI Classes are Back to Fully In-Person, Classroom-Style Learning! 

  1. Enjoy living in a safe, exciting Top Ten Ranked College Town
  2. Get the COVID vaccine at no cost on campus
  3. Choose from over 109 Bachelor's, 94 Master's, and 36 Doctorate degrees at UNT
  4. Study and engage on our beautiful campus

What will I learn in my classes?

A complete set of English skills to succeed in University Study!

  1. Communication – 10 contact hours per week of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Vocabulary
  2. Writing – 10 contact hours per week of Composition, Research, and Grammar

What are the benefits of studying at IELI?

  1. Quality: CEA Programmatic Accreditation and elite UCIEP Membership
  2. History: Founded in 1977
  3. Faculty: All Hold M.A. in TESOL with years of Intensive English Program Experience
  4. Multi-Levels: Study at the right level for your best learning
  5. English in Action: Conversation Partners and Participation in all UNT campus activities
  6. Diversity: Students from many different countries
  7. Dormitories: Available year-round

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