Humberto Guaranta Mendonca, Brazil

I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Paulista University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I came to Texas because my brother and sister-in-law have lived here since 2005. I did a careful research in the main institutions in Texas and my conclusion was UNT is the best one in infrastructure and experience. After one year studying here, I know that I made the best choice for my education.

I will do my master business administration (MBA) at G. Brint Ryan College of Business. I have already my admission letter and I am very excited to continue my studies at UNT.

About IELI. First of all, the professors. Each one is different but all of them teach with passion and joy and these qualities make a huge difference to students. Second of all, the great structure offered by IELI in terms of environment and staff. The staff is always ready to help students. When the pandemic started in the US, I thought with myself that the quality of classes will be decreased, but it didn’t happen. IELI acted quickly and we started classes online by ZOOM. We are all in the process of adapting, but the quality of teaching has been maintained.

I have only one thing to say to IELI: THANK YOU. I started and gave up on many English courses in my life. With IELI it was different, I reached my graduation. Many factors influenced me to accomplish my goal, but definitely the quality of IELI and professors were crucial for me to get to the end of course.

Humberto Guaranta Mendonca, Brazil