Information & Documents Needed from Exchange Visitor

Please request the information below from the potential Exchange Visitor prior to completing the DS-2019 Request through iNorthTX.


Exchange Visitor Information:

Last Name:
First & Middle Names:
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
E-Mail Address:
Gender (M/F):
City and Country of Birth:
Country of Citizenship:
Country of Permanent Residency:
Permanent Home Country Address (Street Address/City/Postal Code/Country):
Position in Home Country (select from: University Teaching Staff including Researchers; Private Business; Central Government; State, Regional, or Provincial Government Group; University Undergraduate Students; University Graduate Students; Other):
Education Level (select from: Bachelor's; Master's; PhD): 
Has applicant previously held J visa status (Yes/No): 
If applicant is currently in the US and in J visa status, provide the university’s name/program number/SEVIS ID/contact name and number at current university international office:

Dependent Information:

Last Name:
First & Middle Names:
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
Gender (M/F):
City and Country of Birth:
Country of Citizenship:
Country of Permanent Residency:
Relationship to EV (spouse/child): 
Are dependents arriving in the US with the EV (Yes/No)?
If No, when is the dependent arriving?

Program Dates

Dates should be mutually agreed upon between the scholar and hosting department.

Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
End Date (mm/dd/yyyy):

Required Documentation

  1. Copy of Passport for Exchange Visitor and dependents.
  2. Proof of Funding (if other than UNT funds) must cover the costs for the duration of the program. Minimum monthly financial requirements are listed below.
  • $1,300/month for the EV
  • $420/month for the dependent spouse
  • $420/month per dependent child

Proof of Financial Support Documents:

  • Documents MUST be in English, or must include the original language version and a certified/stamped English translation. Notarized version is not permitted.
  • Documents MUST bear a signature, official seal, or be on letterhead from an official agency.
  • Documents MUST state available account type and account balance of currently accessible liquid funds.
  • Documents MUST be DATED and be less than twelve (12) months old.
  • Statement must include the account holder’s name, date, account type, account balance and currency type.
    • Web printouts must include the web link/URL.
  • If using home country employment, employer letter must be on business letterhead, identify the amount of pay, whether it is weekly, monthly, annually; and specify if the EV will continue to be paid during his/her visit.
  1. Proof of English Proficiency (if other than an interview)
  • Native speaker of English (as indicated by passport)
  • IELTS overall score 5.5 or higher
  • TOEFL overall score of 65 or higher for internet based, 183 or higher for computer based, 513 or higher for paper based
  • Degree certificate from a recognized academic institution where English is the primary language of instruction/US institution
  • Interview by the UNT Department Sponsor conducted and annotated on the DS-2019 Request Form. A transcript and/or recording of the interview must be kept on file by the department for at least 3 years.
  1. Previous DS-2019s (if applicable)

Additional Requirements

  • Departments are also required to complete additional program information and provide a copy of the department invitation letter signed by the hosting professor, department chair, and dean.
  • Exchange Visitor will be required to provide ISSS with proof of health insurance upon arrival.