Our Next Term Begins October 19

New students can either study in their country or come to the U.S. 

Classes will be held remotely with weekly in-person workshops for local students.

Jill Harold's Remote Learning Class at IELI

IELI Instructor Jill Harold’s Communications Class in May 2020

Continue Successful LIVE Remote Study with IELI!

Students will study remotely at IELI at UNT with students from around the world this Fall for Live, Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE).

Here are quotes from two students in 2020 remote classes:

"I am very happy to be able to take online lessons during this special period. Although we couldn't meet in Marquis Hall, we still completed what was supposed to be done online, and we did a very good job."

It's perfect, and I felt just like an on-campus class. My instructors are amazing; also, all the documents are easy to reach and are organized on Canvas.”

Overseas Students Can Study with IELI this Fall at a Reduced Cost!
You Can Also Travel to the United States! Students are Still Arriving at IELI!

Fall II Classes Run October 19 – December 11
Spring Classes Start January 11!

Can't get to the US to study at UNT? No Problem!   Part-Time Study  Complete Course
Total for out-of-country Students (no insurance) $1280 $2487 = $900 in savings!  
Total for Students in the U.S. $2113 $3387

These prices include tuition, fees, virtual activities, and tests. Students purchase textbooks separately. There is no Change Fee for moving your start date from Fall to Spring 2021.

What will I learn in my classes? A complete set of English skills to succeed in University Study!

  1. Communication – 10 contact hours per week of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Vocabulary
  2. Writing – 10 contact hours per week of Composition, Research, and Grammar

What else can I do besides online classes? Lots because you are a UNT Student now!

  1. Attend a weekly in-person workshop on essential speaking skills for college students
  2. Speak weekly with a Live Conversation Partner via Zoom
  3. Join in on Weekly Live Cultural presentations from UNT
  4. Chat with other UNT students in live Friday's English Conversation CommUNiTy
  5. Exercise live (dance, Zumba, yoga, etc.) with UNT Recreation Center Fitness Instructors or enjoy workouts with the UNT Rec Sports videos on YouTube
  6. Access the UNT Willis Library for books, theater, movies, etc., as a UNT Student

What can I look forward to when I can come to UNT in the Spring or later?

  1. Enjoy living in a safe, exciting, Top Ten Ranked College Town
  2. Choose from over 106 Bachelor’s, 88 Master’s, and 36 Doctorate degrees at UNT
  3. Study and interact on a beautiful campus.