Study with IELI this Summer and SAVE!

IELI Online Classroom

IELI Instructor Lisa Hollinger’s Communications Class on April 24, 2020

Join students from around the world for Live, Interactive, Face-to-Face Teaching (LIFT).

Here's what current students are saying about LIFT:

I am very happy to be able to take online lessons during this special period. Although we couldn't meet in Marquis Hall, we still completed what was supposed to be done online, and we did a very good job.

- Jinfu Zhang, China

It's perfect, and I felt just like an on-campus class. My instructors are amazing; also, all the documents are easy to reach and are organized on Canvas.

- Abdulaziz Almhawes, Saudi Arabia

Study at IELI this Summer at a Reduced Cost!

Classes run June 1 - July 24, 2020.

  • Total for Students in the U.S. (insurance required) $1780 part-time | $2988 full course -  save 13%

  • Total for out-of-country Students (no insurance) $1224 part-time | $2432 full course - save $1000

What will I learn in my classes? A complete set of English skills to succeed in University Study!

  1. Communication – 10 hours per week of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Vocabulary

  2.  Writing – 10 hours per week of Composition, Research, and Grammar

  3.  Live Conversation opportunities – Each IELI student gets a Conversation Partner, can join the Friday English Conversation CommUNiTy, and participate in Weekly Live Cultural presentations

Why should I study at IELI Online during Summer 2020? So Many Great Reasons!

  1. Finish IELI and Enter your UNT degree program sooner

  2. Save Hundreds of Dollars while UNT is still Teaching Online

  3. Enjoy IELI’s special LIFT instruction – Live, Interactive, Face-to-Face Teaching

  4. Make your Stay-at-Home Time Productive

  5. Study even before getting your SEVIS and Student Visa

  6. Live at home and save more money on Housing & Food

How do I take advantage of this unique opportunity? Contact us to sign up for summer!

  1. Apply Here

  2. Email with any questions

  3. Sign up, Get your computer ready, and Take our online placement test

  4. Learn Academic English & University Study Prep from one of the best programs in the U.S.

  5. Progress in your English level for quicker entry into University of North Texas degree programs

Sign up now! Classes begin June 1.

IELI prices have not been this affordable in years. This is a great opportunity to get a head start to enter University of North Texas degree programs from the comfort of your own home before you come to the U.S. to our beautiful campus. – Gordon Clark, IELI Director