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1.  Can someone from IELI pick me up at the airport when I arrive in the United States?
Most students arrive at DFW Airport, which is about 40 minutes from campus. New students may request transportation from the airport.

2.  When should I plan to arrive on the UNT campus in Denton, TX?
Students must arrive on campus before the first day of orientation. Orientation is important and lasts 2 or 3 days. Students register, complete placement testing, attend academic and cultural sessions, and participate in social activities. During this week, IELI plans fun activities including a campus tour, shopping trips, and a welcome party.

3.  What does IELI tuition include?
Each 8-week term includes:

  • all hours of instruction at IELI
  • textbooks and materials for your courses
  • orientation session and advising
  • student activities and field trips for IELI students
  • access to IELI computer lab
  • UNT fees to have access to libraries, health center, recreation center, computer labs, concerts, transportation on and around campus, and all of UNT services, and health insurance

Tuition does not include housing or dining.

4.  Are all classes on campus?
Yes. Classes are taught in Marquis Hall, centrally located on UNT’s campus.

5.  Will other students in my class be at my same skill level?
The IELI Academic English program has 6 levels. Students at the same level have similar skills and needs.

6.  I might need additional help with my studies. Does IELI provide this kind of help?
IELI students have many opportunities to practice and receive help. Each week, instructors schedule time outside of class to help students. The IELI Multimedia Lab has additional resources for students. IELI instructors and staff provide additional help when needed.

7.  Will I have computer access after class?
IELI students receive the same privileges as UNT students. Students have access to computer labs all over campus. 

8.  What are the food choices on campus?
Students have a wide selection of food options: healthy, vegetarian, hearty, etc. Food is available in 5 cafeterias, a food court, and several other on-campus locations. Meal plans are available. Students will find a variety of restaurants off-campus within walking distance as well.

9.  Where will I live?
Students have many housing options including on campus housing and off campus apartments. Many options are within walking/biking distance.

10.  Do I need a car?
No. Many students do not have a car. Instead, students use UNT and public buses for transportation for free. 

11.  How do I get a driver’s license?  
To obtain a driver’s license, drivers must pass a written exam, and provide certain documents. Drivers who are 24 years old and younger must complete a driver’s education course

12.  Where can I buy personal electronics, like a cell phone?
Shopping areas located near campus sell electronics, clothing, and other personal items. IELI will plan shopping trips for students during Orientation week.