The Intensive English Language Institute evaluates and trains UNT’s teaching assistants (TA) and teaching fellows (TF). 

Program Goals

  • Develop confidence while teaching
  • Become acculturated to the US classroom environment
  • Develop skills for presenting and interacting
  • Improve English speaking skills

Program Steps

  1. Evaluation: Before the beginning of each semester, trainees complete an evaluation of their English oral proficiency. The evaluation for TAs consists of a 15-minute oral interview to assess oral proficiency; the evaluation for TFs who will have full teaching responsibilities consists of an oral interview followed by a 10-minute teaching demonstration.
  2. Placement: The trainee will receive information on English language training or other requirements. Training and requirements vary based on evaluation results.
  3. Training: The TA/TF trainee participates in workshops to improve teaching skills and/or pronunciation.
  4. Final Evaluation: At the completion of training at the end of the semester, another evaluation is given to determine future teaching assignments.

ITA Training Program 
10 week program to develop teaching skills. TAs/TFs in training lead in a UNT classroom setting. 

  • engage the class with lectures/activities
  • provide clear instructions
  • interact with students