Sponsored Student Program Services

Admissions and Placement Services

  • Full-time Student Advisors
  • Monitored and expedited admissions processing with International Admissions and academic departments
  • Express mail Immigration forms (I-20 etc.)
  • Arrangements for conditional admission to University of North Texas without TOEFL and GRE verbal scores for qualified students

Reporting to Sponsors

  • Up-to-date student contact information
  • Registration data such as Twelfth Class Day reports and student schedules
  • Intensive English Language Institute mid term (4th week) grade reports
  • Final grades, certificates and transcripts for UNT, IELI, and special program students

Billing Services

  • Delayed third party billing with individual invoices
  • Protected student enrollment until payment is received

Other Services

  • Waiver of health/medical insurance fees for students with sponsor-arranged insurance
  • Coordinate visits of sponsoring agencies to UNT
  • E-mail, phone, fax and mail to students in order to communicate with their sponsors
  • Design Special Short term programs

Arrival Assistance to Students

  • Transportation to and from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  • Assistance with on-campus or off-campus housing
  • Assistance to students in making informed decisions about health/medical insurance and emergency care
  • Orientation to the UNT campus

Continuing Assistance to Students

  • Advising on program or degree completion, final graduation, transfers, and return home
  • Advising on housing, medical and social issues
  • Social outings and cultural events


New circumstances require UNT to accept financial documents from the SACM portal only. 
UNT cannot accept financial guarantees from students.
Beginning August 2017, please submit financial documentation and guarantees from the SACM portal.