Parent Sponsor Program

Undergraduate and Graduate DegreesA CONCIERGE SERVICE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD

This  program was designed specifically for international parents and their children.  We  provide non-academic support that alleviates some of the stress of moving to a new country, navigating the cultural system, and learning a new education system. 

Please download and print the two waiver forms and send them back to

Parent Sponsor Program Form      |    Educational Records Release Form



Services Offered


First two semesters broken down into two payments of $300 per semester

  • Provide airport pick-up
  • Provide information about different  housing and accommodation options and assist with securing accommodations (excludes financial payment to the provider)
  • Provide information on relocation
  • Provide transportation to local stores to allow students to shop for housing necessities and other items (excludes payment for these items)
  • Provide customized orientations about UNT and the Denton community
  • Provide information to aid in cell phone activation
  • Provide parents with their child’s living and mailing addresses,  phone numbers, and class schedule
  • Provide third party billing with a personalized invoice
  • Mail official transcripts at the end of the semester

$200 per semester

All other semesters until the student graduates or is no longer enrolled at UNT

  • Assist students in finding and applying for scholarships
  • Serve as a liaison between the parents, students, and academic department regarding academic progress
  • Provide third party billing with a personalized invoice
  • Provide third party delayed invoicing
  • Provide guidance to students who are applying to other academic programs (second bachelor’s or graduate school) either at UNT or another institution
  • Mail the final class schedule (after the 12th class day)
  • Mail the official transcripts at the end of each semester
  • Mail the student’s diploma upon graduation

$50 per trip to/from the airport

Any time during the student’s enrollment at UNT

  • Provide transportation to and from the airport at any time during the student’s enrollment at UNT, excludes initial airport pick-up and final airport drop-off