Intensive English Language Institute

University EnvironmentTexas EnvironmentEstablished in 1977Conditional admission to UNT.

University Environment. IELI students are surrounded by many educational opportunities and cultural experiences.

IELI offers quality education combined with unique experiences only found in the North Texas area.

Established in 1977 and accredited by CEA since 2005, IELI is one of the most prestigious English language programs in the United States.

Conditional Admission to UNT. IELI offers conditional admission to many UNT undergraduate and graduate programs.


The mission of IELI is to provide the highest quality academic English instruction, student services, and professional development programs.

IELI News and Spotlight

Meet Nurgul Baktir
Say hello to Nurgul. She is a recent graduate from IELI and now studies at UNT with her husband. Keep reading to see how IELI helped her out! My name is Nurgul Baktir and I'm from Turkey. I have just...
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Meet Felipe Corrêa
Meet Felipe Corrêa, a former IELI student that participated in the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program last year. Keep reading to learn about his experience at IELI. My name is Felipe Corrêa, and I...
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Meet the IELI Alumnus: Truc Nguyen
What is your name and where are you from? My name is Truc Nguyen and I'm from Vietnam. What have you done since you finished studying at IELI? After IELI, I applied and was admitted to UNT. I will...
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IELI's Fall 2015 Graduation Ceremony
IELI completed the fall semester with a graduation ceremony recognizing 58 graduates on Friday, December 11 in UNT’s Recital Hall. The ceremony was live streamed for the first time as a way for...
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IELI Spotlight: Minji Kim
What have you done since your IELI graduation? After I graduated from IELI, I applied UNT as a transfer student. In 2 years, I graduated from the University of North Texas. Now, I am waiting for...
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