How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the application form.
  2. Pay the $75 application fee.
  3. Submit the following documents to
    • Copy of valid passport (permanent residents or US citizens may submit copy of driver's license)
    • Proof of high school graduation in native language AND in English
    • Transfer students must also submit transcripts or grade reports from current English language program

Next Steps

  • Visa Documentation and I-20 Requirements
    • Once we have processed your application, you will receive an email requesting additional documentation dependent upon your Visa type.
    • Documents will be submitted via iNorthTX, a secure portal for immigration documentation.
  • Other Visa Types
    Other Visa holders will be asked to submit a copy of their Visa.
  • Permanent Residents
    Permanent Residents will be asked to submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card or a copy of Approved Notice for your application.