How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the application form.
  2. Pay the $75 IELI application fee. This fee is not required if you have already applied to UNT and paid the UNT application fee. 
  3. Submit the following documents to
    • Copy of valid passport (permanent residents or US citizens may submit copy of driver's license)
    • Proof of high school graduation in native language AND in English
    • Transfer students must also submit transcripts or grade reports from current English language program

Next Steps

  • Visa Documentation and I-20 Requirements
    • Once we have processed your application, you will receive an email requesting additional documentation dependent upon your Visa type.
    • Documents will be submitted via iNorthTX, a secure portal for immigration documentation.
  • F-1 Visa
    F-1 Visa applicants will be asked to submit:
    • Copy of valid passport
    • Sponsor Statement 
    • Copies of dependents' passports (if spouse/children require F-2 Visas.)
  • Other Visa Types
    Other Visa holders will be asked to submit a copy of their Visa.
  • Permanent Residents
    Permanent Residents will be asked to submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card or a copy of Approved Notice for your application.
State law and university policy, with limited exceptions, allow you to be informed of information the University collects about you, to review and obtain the information on this form and to correct any information you believe is incorrect.