Total Tuition and Fees per 8-Week Term for Full-Time F1 Students: $3456

F1 students must be enrolled full-time to comply with visa requirements.

Total Tuition and Fees per 8-Week Term for Part-Time Students: $2200

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.




  • 20 contact hours of class per week 
  • Academic advising
  • Cultural & social activities
  • New Student Orientation & Welcome Week
  • All placement and diagnostic testing 
  • Textbooks
UNT Fees


  • UNT Student ID
  • Technology Fee
  • Libraries
  • Recreation Center
  • Student Union
  • Campus Activities and Events
International Student Health Insurance
  • International Student Health Insurance is mandatory for International students on F1 visas.
  • Permanent residents will be asked to submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card or a copy of Approved Notice for your application.
  • Amounts may change slightly due to the varying cost of health insurance. US citizens and permanent residents are not required to purchase health insurance.
Payment Methods
  • All tuition and fees are paid during registration and New Student Orientation.
  • Payments can be made by credit card, eCheck, check, cash or money transfer.
  • A late fee will be added to accounts not paid in full by the deadline.
Refund Policy
  • Application fees, activity fees, book/lab/classroom fees, insurance fees and publication fees are not refunded.
  • 100% Refund Pre-Term
  • 80% Refund Day 1
  • 70% Refund Days 2-5
  • 50% Refund Days 6-7
  • 25% Refund Days 8-10
  • 0% After Day 10