Admissions & Financial Responsibility

International Student Sponsor Statement and Bank Certification
Affidavit of Provision of Room and Meals by U.S. Provider
I-20 Reprint Request for Newly-Admitted Students
New Student Late Arrival Request via iNorthTX
F-1 Graduate Award Letter Verification Template
J-1 Graduate Award Letter Verification Template
eShipGlobal Instructions


Electronic Enrollment Letter Request Form or Enrollment Letter Request Form 
Electronic Concurrent Enrollment Request Form  or Concurrent Enrollment Form 
On‐Campus Component Reporting Form for Online Courses
Graduate Student Reduced Course Load Requests via iNorthTX

  • Graduate Student Full-Time Equivalency Report iNorthTX - You must complete the eForm request to be approved by the Toulouse Graduate School
  • Graduate Student Full-Time Enrollment Exemption Report You must complete this form to upoad in iNorthTX if you are requesting a reduced course load for academic reasons.

Undergraduate Student Full Time Enrollment Exemption Request 
Reduced Course Load for Medical Reasons via iNorthTX

Maintaining F-1 Status 

Request for Revised I-20 via iNorthTX
Request for Dependent I-20 via iNorthTX
I-20 Program Extension Application 
Change of Status Form via iNorthTX
Ending Studies at UNT via iNorthTX
Request for I-20 after SEVIS Termination via iNorthTX
Immigration Document Copy Request Form 
Request to Update University Records - Visa Status
Update Permanent Address via iNorthTX
Change of Status Request via virtual appointment
Reinstatement Request via virtual appointment


ITIN Letter Request Form 
Foreign National Information Form if you work on campus

Social Security Letter via iNorthTX
Hourly Social Security Card Guide 
Non-Hourly Social Security Card Guide
Employer’s Letter to verify employment for SSN
Employer's Letter to verify employment SSN Non-Hourly

CPT Advisor Form 
CPT Employer Form
CPT Student Form 
CPT Complete Packet 

CPT for Music Majors via iNorthTX

Post OPT Employment Report via iNorthTX
Post OPT - Reporting Unemployment via iNorthTX
OPT Portal Access
STEM OPT - Reporting Unemployment via iNorthTX
OPT I-20 Request via iNorthTX
STEM OPT I-20 Request via iNorthTX
OPT/STEM OPT Address Change via iNorthTX

Economic Hardship Application