Sponsored Student Services

Admissions and Placement Services

  • Full-time Student Advisors
  • Monitored and expedited admissions processing with International Admissions and academic departments
  • Express mail Immigration forms (I-20 etc.)
  • Arrangements for conditional admission to University of North Texas without TOEFL and GRE verbal scores for qualified students

Reporting to Sponsors

  • Up-to-date student contact information
  • Registration data such as Twelfth Class Day reports and student schedules
  • Intensive English Language Institute mid term (4th week) grade reports
  • Final grades, certificates and transcripts for UNT, IELI, and special program students

Billing Services

  • Delayed third party billing with individual invoices
  • Protected student enrollment until payment is received

Additional Services

  • Waiver of health/medical insurance fees for students with sponsor-arranged insurance
  • Coordinate visits of sponsoring agencies to UNT
  • E-mail, phone, fax and mail to students in order to communicate with their sponsors
  • Special program design

Arrival Assistance 

  • Transportation to and from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  • Assistance with campus or off-campus housing
  • Assistance to students in making informed decisions about health/medical insurance and emergency care
  • Orientation to the UNT campus

Continuing Assistance 

  • Advising on program or degree completion, final graduation, transfers, and return home
  • Advising on housing, medical and social issues
  • Social outings and cultural events


**Attention SACM Students**

New circumstances require UNT to accept financial documents from the SACM portal only.
UNT cannot accept financial guarantees from students.
Please submit financial documentation and guarantees from the SACM portal.