I-20 Extension Request

Eligibility Requirements

  • Valid F-1 status
  • Apply in time to have procedure completed before I-20 expires (at least 2 weeks ahead of expiration.)
  • Delay due to academic reasons – must provide documentation. Poor performance is not acceptable.
  • Delay due to medical reasons – must provide documentation.

Ineligible Situations

  • I-20 has expired, or will expire before procedure can be completed
  • Otherwise out of status
  • Delay due to poor academic progress
  • Delay due to suspension
  • Delay due to academic probation

Reinstatement Situations

Any student who does not meet the eligibility requirements must either file for reinstatement, or travel outside the U.S. and re-enter with a new I-20 marked initial attendance. 

Procedure for Extension of I-20

Submit the following to International Student and Scholar Services:

NOTE: SEVIS will allow a maximum one year extension.

Once complete, ISSS will email the student to request a signature.