UNT is one of the largest hosts of sponsored students in Texas.

International Sponsored Students are students whose education at the University of North Texas is funded directly by a third party, called a sponsor. Sponsors can be foreign employers, educational institutions, government agencies, foundations, grants or other institutional sources. Examples of third-party sponsors include the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia (SACM), Foreign Fulbright Grants, The Turkish Ministry of National Education, and the Sheikhdom of Kuwait.

The sponsored student is responsible for obtaining authorization for UNT Student Financial Services to bill the sponsor directly for the student's expenses each semester.  Examples of authorization include Financial Guarantee letters, Terms of appointment, or a letter of scholarship. The foreign sponsor must have a working relationship or a Memorandum of Understanding on file with UNT for the financial documents to be processed.

Sponsored students should submit the necessary paperwork to Sponsored Student Programs sspc@unt.edu in a timely manner to have a sponsor payment posted to their account.  Students should review their financial account online at my.unt.edu to ensure the sponsor payment is posted and any additional amount due is paid by the applicable payment deadlines for the semester.  Sponsored Student Programs will release any student financial information necessary to obtain payment from a sponsor.   Additionally, some sponsors may require a student’s class schedule and withdrawal information if applicable. Please direct additional questions about international 3rd party sponsorship to sspc@unt.edu.

Please contact Sponsored Student Programs at 940-565-2195 for information about current sponsors under agreements.

As a sponsored student, you are responsible for payment arrangements and must contact Sponsored Student Programs each semester. If we have not received your paperwork by the registration payment deadlines, you will be asked to make payment and be reimbursed after your paperwork has been received.

If you are withdrawing from the University, please contact us so that your financial account is handled correctly. You are responsible for all charges incurred on your account, including any non-refundable fees which the sponsor will not pay for.

Speak with an advisor
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