India Initiatives Group

The India Initiative Group is a steering committee for UNT's engagements with India.

The group recommends strategies to academic affairs and the university at-large that aid in setting, refining, and achieving UNT’s goals in India and that contribute to UNT retaining Tier One status. The group's philosophy is to enhance UNT’s successful engagements and visibility in India beyond individual UNT faculty/staff relationships.

In the News

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Faithful Fighters: Identity and Power in the British Indian Army - Kate Imy
Dharma in America: A Short History of Hindu-Jain Diaspora - Pankaj Jain
India Venture Trip with Danielle Ivie
India Venture Fund 2018

The four thrust areas for furthering UNT’s engagements in India include:

  • Student Engagement (Ila Manuj)
  • Research Engagement (STEM – Raj Banerjee, Humanities/Social Sciences – Pankaj Jain)
  • Local Community Engagement (Niranjan Tripathy)
  • Marketing (Pankaj Jain)

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