Outstanding International Student Award

Each year, the International Affairs recognizes an outstanding undergraduate or graduate international student who has contributed to the continued growth of the international and culturally diverse communities at the University of North Texas. Nominations open at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Award Criteria

  • Student is actively involved in campus activities, international and cultural programs specifically.
  • Student has made significant contributions to the international and culturally diverse communities at UNT and/or the surrounding communities.
  • Student must have completed one long semester at UNT and be enrolled full-time.
  • Student must meet minimum GPA requirements:
    • 3.5 undergraduates
    • 3.5 Master's candidates
    • 3.5 Doctoral candidates


  • Faculty, administrators, staff, student organizations and students are invited to nominate students for this award.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • To make a nomination, submit the form below and include at least 1 additional letter of recommendation.


  • Selection committee will include International Affairs staff.
  • This is not a scholarship or financial award. It does not include in-state tuition waiver eligibility.
  • Questions? international.events@unt.edu

Submit a Nomination for the 2019-20 Academic Year