Scholarships, Grants, and Waivers

Eagle Scholarship Portal for ALL UNT Students

Be sure to check out the Eagle Scholarship Portal. The Eagle Scholarship Portal application cycle opens annually in the Fall semester. Learn how to apply for scholarships at UNT.

The International Education Scholarship, the North Star Turkish Scholarship, the Pakistan Student Scholarship, The Global Citizen Scholarship, and The Pay It Forward Pakistani Scholarship of NT are all included in UNT's Eagle Scholarship Portal.

Eagle Portal Scholarships are competitive and open to ALL students at UNT.

The Eagle Scholarship Portal is generally open from October through March of each academic year. Funding is awarded for the following year in the Fall and Spring semesters. For example: for a $1,000 award, $500 will be awarded in Fall and $500 will be awarded in Spring. 

Non-Texas residents (international students) receiving a UNT competitive scholarship(s) of at least $1,000 for the academic year and/or summer term, are eligible to pay in-state Texas resident tuition for the fall, spring, and the following summer terms. 

Country and Region-Specific Opportunities:

Mexican Waiver
Good Neighbor Program

Special Circumstances Funding

International students facing a financial emergency due to a natural disaster, war, hospitalization, or death in the immediate family may present evidence of need to International Affairs to request support. Emergency/special circumstance must have occurred within previous 3 months. Special Circumstances Funding is available on a limited basis to international students experiencing unusual and extreme hardship. Students MUST be referred to the application by an international advisor. 

Additional Resources:

Schedule an International Student Support Advising appointment on Navigate

In addition to applying for the many competitive scholarships available at UNT, international students are encouraged to research loan programs and other forms of financial assistance from their home countries. Federal regulations in the U.S. limit the types of financial assistance available to international students. 

If you are an international student in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa for the purpose of study, you are not eligible for need-based federal financial aid (FAFSA.) It is generally expected that international students have the financial resources to cover their tuition, fees and living expenses for the duration of their time at UNT.

Please check with your academic advisor about department-level scholarship opportunities that may not be included in the Eagle Scholarship Portal. 
International Student Funding Resources
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