UNT provides sponsorship for U.S. work authorization to full-time faculty and staff only.

H1B Specialty Occupation

To sponsor an individual for H1B status the following must be true of the job:

  • Must require a bachelor’s degree (or higher degree) in a specific field
  • Must meet federal wage requirements (usually not an issue for faculty positions) 
  • May take several weeks to several months for approval
  • This is the most common option for faculty hires
TN Temporary Work Visa for Citizens of Canada or Mexico
  • Only for citizens of Canada or Mexico
  • Likely requires a trip to citizen’s home country followed by re-entry if they are already in the U.S. 
  • Quick and most cost-effective 
O-1 Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  • If H1B or TN is not an option 
  • If new hire has sustained achievement and has risen to the top of their field
  • Very uncommon for sponsorship as threshold for eligibility is very high
  • May take several weeks to several months for approval
F1 OPT F1 student work authorization post-graduation
  • If candidate is currently enrolled as an F1 international student at UNT or another U.S. institution
  • Candidate should apply for OPT as soon as they are eligible
  • Many faculty members may begin on OPT 
  • Status may be changed to H1B after on-boarding
Permanent Residency

UNT will sponsor U.S. permanent residency for faculty members. 

The process can only begin after the candidate formally starts their employment at UNT.

Because this process takes place many months after an offer letter is extended, it is important to maintain required documentation in an easily accessible location.

  • Copies of all open position listings
  • Screenshots of UNT website with full job posting including date and URL
  • Advertisements in journals or on websites outside of  UNT including proof of purchase, dates and locations posted, and full text of ad
  • Maintain documentation of all applications, reasons for disqualification, list of interviewees 
  • If possible, begin US Permanent Residency Sponsorship within the first 12 months of hire 
  • Process should be begin no later than the 4th year of employment

General Overview of US Permanent Residency Sponsorship

  • Department receives Provost approval to sponsor for permanent residency 
  • Available only to faculty
  • If tenure-track, Office of the Provost covers up to $10,000 in legal and filing fees
  • Approval requires letters of support from Chair and Dean to Office of Provost
  • Upon completion of approval process, ISSS connects faculty with assigned outside attorney
  • Outside attorney reviews faculty qualifications, determines appropriate category for permanent residency
  • Department, faculty member, ISSS, and outside attorney work together through each step of process with USCIC
  • Faculty member receives permanent residency in a timeframe dependent upon the most  appropriate category for permanent residency and processing times with USCIS
  • Processing times range from 24 months to 8 years 
  • Processing times depend on country of birth of the applicant