An invitation letter from the department is required for Exchange Visitors.

U.S. Department of State requires that the invitation or welcome letter include reference to the specific category of the exchange visitor (for example: research scholar, professor, or short-term scholar), in addition to the title that will be used at the hosting institution (for example, "visiting scholar.")

If the scholar will receive funding from UNT, the total funding amount MUST be referenced in the letter.

Hosting Professor, Department Chair, and Dean are ALL required to sign letter, regardless of how the scholar is funded. Exchange Visitors are required to have this letter at their visa appointment. Some US Embassies/Consulates may prefer handwritten signatures versus digital signatures. 

When considering start dates, please select a start date no earlier than 6 weeks from the date of submitting the DS-2019 request. 

Please print invitation letters on university letterhead.

(Exchange Visitor Name)

In re: Exchange Visitor Program

Dear (Exchange Visitors Name),

It is my pleasure to invite you as a J-1 Visiting Scholar, in the (select one: Short-Term, Research Scholar, OR Professor) category, to participate in the exchange visitor program at the (department name) at the University of North Texas.

The faculty and staff members at the (department name) will utilize this time to collaborate with you on projects related to (topic of research). Your program objective will include participating in our (research project) in addition to (list any additional duties/responsibilities) under the direction of (department host).

You will need to secure and maintain medical insurance that meets the requirements of the U.S. Department of State for the duration of your program. Health Insurance is mandatory for all J-1s and dependents upon arrival of the J-1.

Your program period begins (start date) and ends (end date). (start date must be at least 6 weeks from date of DS-2019 submission)

There is no remuneration associated with this invitation. Therefore, you will need to {send me documentation of adequate funding to support your stay for the duration of your program OR UNT funding will be in the amount of (total amount of UNT funding)}.

During your program, UNT will provide you with office space and internet access. We look forward to your affiliation and contributions to our department during this exchange.

Please inform me of your arrival date and flight information as they are available. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further assistance as you prepare for your visit. I look forward to your visit and participation in this program.

Best regards,

Hosting Professor Signature
Hosting Professor Name & Date

Department Chair Signature
Department Chair Name & Date

Dean Signature
Dean Name & Date