F-1 students approved for OPT based on a degree included on the STEM-Designated Degree Program List can apply for a 24-month extension of post-completion OPT (for a total eligibility of up to 36 months). 

To verify OPT STEM Extension eligibility, check that the CIP code major number listed on page one (1) of your I-20 document is listed on the STEM-Designated Degree Program List. STEM eligibility is determined by CIP code number, and not degree name. Please note that your degree name and your CIP Code Title may vary.

Please see the examples below and check your I-20 and the STEM list carefully! 

CIP Code Examples

Application Requirements

Applications may be filed no earlier than 90 days before OPT expires

Applications must be filed and received by USCIS before OPT expires

Applications must include your employer's E-Verify number

  • The E-Verify number is required on the I-765 application. The EIN number is required on the I-983 form. These numbers can be obtained from your employer. Please ensure that you are including the correct number on the correct form. Failure to list the correct numbers may result in the denial of your application.   

Once approved, you must report all material changes in employment within 10 days by submitting the corresponding STEM OPT Employer Report e-form via iNorthTX.

Once approved, you must report participation every 6 months regardless of changes by submitting the STEM OPT 6 Month Participation Report e-form via iNorthTX.

How to Apply for STEM OPT

Applicants must complete a STEM OPT Workshop Presentation

View interactive presentation | View accessible presentation

Log on to iNorthTX to complete the STEM OPT Quiz and I-20 Request e-forms

Application Responsibilities
Your OPT application is your responsibility as an F1 visa holder.

ISSS staff will provide information regarding OPT and the application process, however, the contents of your application must be reviewed and approved by you, the student.

By sending in your signed OPT application to USCIS, you are verifying that all information is correct and accurate.

ISSS is not responsible for any missing or incorrect information found in your application.